Monday, January 04, 2010

This schedule thing is a success... for now

About two or three weeks ago I devised a schedule for myself in anticipation of the new year. The main objective of said schedule wasn't to increase productivity, duplicate synergy, or any other corporate-speak nonsense. Basically, it was to keep me from slouching on the couch in a dirty shirt all day and make sure I showered on a somewhat regular basis. Behold! Day one has been a success! Here I am showered, dressed, makeup-ed, and smelling like a rose in clean clothes. I am the very picture of hygiene. "So," I can hear you asking yourself (if you're not asking yourself, maybe you'd better start so I don't look like an idiot [like a bigger idiot than I already am, that is]), "what's on this magical schedule of hers that's keeping her one step above 'bag lady' on the hygiene scale?" Well, I shall tell you:

8:00 - get up
8:02 - make bed (note I left two minutes for cursing and bad attitudery*)
8:05 - shower and get ready
8:45 - take care of animals (food, water, change cage liners, etc.)
9:00 - breakfast
9:10 - check email, read blogs, etc. (all my online shenanigans)
9:30 - market myself
10:00 - commence actual paying work
1:00 - lunch!
1:30 - recommence paying work
5:00 - blog (guess where I am in today's schedule!)
5:30 - change clothes (wha--change clothes? Why?)
5:40 - BAM! Treadmill!
6:00 - Make and eat dinner (Shut up, twenty treadmill minutes is better than no treadmill minutes so you can keep your healthy, self-righteous comments to yourself.)
6:30ish - free time! Yayayayay!
10:00 - animal babies get put to bed
10:05 - get ready for bed (contacts, jams, teeth, the usual routine)
10:10 - get into bed and commence reading
10:45 - lights out

I also have a less regimented schedule set up for Saturdays and Sundays, but they're more like to do lists and not interesting at all. Except that Saturday is now my official meal planning and grocery shopping day. I really need to spend less and I waste a veritable bumload of money on eating out. So who has two thumbs and decided to love cooking? This girl!

Anywho, there's really not much point in bragging about sticking to a schedule for one day. I'll let you know how things are looking in one month. I hope I'm still with it then because, frankly, it's just not healthy to sit around in your own filth.

*I realize that many (probably most) people don't have the luxury of getting up 8:00, and I realize how lucky I am. However, you would be in the same boat if you'd just spent the past year and a half waking up whenever you wanted (read: 9:30-10:00), so please don't get all mean and sarcastic with me. 8:00 is the starting point; I'm hoping to eventually turn that into 7:00. But I won't get up any earlier than 7:00, or, as I like to call it, "in the middle of the night."


Bebe McGooch said...

Go you!

I had a very productive day yesterday as well--stick to that schedule, oh yeah.

I've learned that I really love cooking--even the planning and the shopping. (This love may wane in years to come, who knows, but I'm having a lot of fun.)

Here's my family's recipe blog, fyi:

TOWR said...

Thanks for the link! We should swap recipes sometime, especially ones that are delicious, even as leftovers. :)