Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals I Probably Won't Achieve by 2012, But It Won't Matter Because the World Is Supposed to End Then Anyway

Man, I simultaneously blew and sucked at working on reaching the goals I set for 2010. Oh well, I'm over it. Not reaching goals is something I'm very practiced at. Anyway, here's my one and only goal for 2011: LIVE BY A FREAKING BUDGET FOR ONCE.

Seriously, I've been 29 for almost two years now, and I have yet to set a budget and stick with it. But here's the thing: I NEED TO. Or there will be serious consequences. I don't have any debt other than my mortgage and loan for my basement, but that could change if I don't straighten up and fly right, and that's just what I intend to do. Part of my brilliant master plan is to refinance my mortgage and roll my basement loan into it. In theory, that should free up quite a chunk of money every month, which should make the budget more bearable. But f'rills. I'm making and living by a budget in 2011. And it's going to be magical.

All right, all right, and I'm going to work on getting more work, too. I'm shooting to make 25% more in 2011 than I did this year. *Deep breath* Here we go.


Devon said...

"Seriously, I've been 29 for almost two years now"

You need to send me a new computer screen. I just spit all over mine. :)

i i eee said...

Hey, it's all about baby steps. I don't even remember last year's resolutions. Sounds like you've done well.

This year I hope to get sleep. And for my bellybutton to shrink.